Miranda Watkins

Interdisciplinary British designer Miranda Watkins, creates innovative designs for contemporary interiors. Based in central London, the studio enjoys a diverse range of creative projects, from large-scale commissioned artworks to mass-produced designs for global brands.

Across a collection comprising: mobile sculptures, lighting, furniture, and tabletop products, Miranda embraces both traditional techniques and industrial processes in her designs. Whether hand crafted or precision engineered, her work is known for it’s exquisite quality, using a broad range of high-grade materials, flawlessly hand finished in British workshops.

FAO showcase designs from the award winning Gleam Pewter Collection - hand crafted in Sheffield, and the versatile, precision engineered Stack Candlelight Collection.

Permanent collections include: Royal Institute of British Architects, London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Miranda Watkins

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  • Large Groove vase

    Large Groove vase

    Designer: Miranda Watkins

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  • Groove vase

    Groove vase

    Designer: Miranda Watkins

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  • Groove bowl

    Groove bowl

    Designer: Miranda Watkins

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